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Monthly Poojas Fasting Days
The following Lords at different places if worshipped, would bless the devotees
  Event & Temple Details  
1. Sashti Pooja more details...
Sashti is another day of importance to Sri Murugan. It usually falls a few days after Amavasai of the month. Devotees undertake fastings and prayers on the occurance of this day every month for a period usually a year or three years.
2. Chadurthi Pooja more details...
Sadhurthi is a day of importance for Lord Ganesh(Vinayaga), and is considered auspicious to initiate with any new endeavour, job or project. This occurs twice every month once during the growing moon period and once during the waning moon period.
3. Pradosham Pooja more details...
Pradosham is a day of importance for Eswarar (Shiva). This occurs twice every month once during the growing moon period and once during the waning moon period.
4. Ekadasi more details...
Ekadasi is a day of special importance to Vaishnavites. It denotes special importance with respect to Lord Venkateshwara.
5. Pournami more details...
Pournami is a day of importance for Shiva, this occurs once in a month.
6. Sankatahara Chadurthi more details...
Sankata (means problems) and Hara (means killing or removing) and therefore Sankata Hara Chadurthi is a day to invoke Lord Ganesh's blessings to remove all problems in life. Every month, the chadurthi falling after the full moon is Sankatahara Chaurthi.
7 Ashtami more details...
Ashtami and Pournami Thithis are considered very auspicious for Lord Bairavar. It is believed that one who worships this Bairavar on Ashtami Thithi will be freed from all debts and loans. It is also believed that property disputes will be solved by worshipping this Bairavar.
8 Amaavasai more details...
9. Krithigai more details...
10. Sivarathri more details...

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