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Security Policy
Protecting your order information is one of our highest priorities. EPrarthana.com makes every effort to protect your online order information by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, an encryption technology that works with Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer and AOL's browser so that your personal information cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. The checkout and confirmation areas of EPrarthana.com are secured using SSL technology. This technology is the most advanced security technology available today and ensures that your credit card number are never sent over the Internet unencrypted. Once we receive your credit card information, it is immediately securely stored in its encrypted form in our data center. Once it is encrypted, no one except the credit card authorization company can decrypt it.

Your credit card number is never displayed on our site.

Therefore, we believe you can have full confidence in the security of your transactions while shopping with EPrarthana.com.

Shopping and buying online with your credit card is actually statistically more secure than using it in a department store. In addition to this level of security provided by SSL technology, all credit card numbers are stored on a computer that is not connected to the Internet. Your complete credit card number is transferred to this secure machine that is not accessible by network or modem, and the number is not stored anywhere else.

What is data encryption and why do we care?

Without data encryption, secure commerce over the Internet would be impossible. When information is sent over the Internet, it travels on public lines, potentially accessible to anyone. This means that the private and sensitive information can be intercepted and used by any hacker who knows how to do so.

Data encryption "scrambles" the information sent over the Internet so that only the computer it is intended for can read it. The hacker can still intercept your data file, but, because of the encryption, the information it contains cannot be read or used by him/her.

128-bit encryption provides a significantly greater amount of cryptographic protection than 40-bit encryption. Roughly speaking, 128-bit encryption is 309,485,009,821,345,068,724,781,056 times stronger than 40-bit encryption. 40-bit encryption is not considered "strong" security in the cryptographic community.

Accordingly, 128-bit data encryption has become the standard for securing financial information on the Internet. If we want to do business on the Internet, we and our Business Partners NEED 128-bit encryption.

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