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 Ekadasi Index 
In 2010 
Ekadasi Index  
Ekadashi (Sanskrit for eleven; also spelled as Ekadasi) or Agyaars is the eleventh lunar day (Tithi) of the shukla (bright) or krishna (dark) paksha (fortnight) of every lunar month in the Hindu calendar (Panchang). In Hinduism and Jainism, it is considered a spiritually beneficial day. Scriptures recommend observing an (ideally waterless) fast from sunset on the day prior to ekadashi to 48 minutes after sunrise on the day following ekadashi

Ekadashi is a bimonthly occasion that is mainly observed by Vaishnavas, although its observance is also open to followers of non-Vaishnava traditions. On the Ekadashi day strict fasting is observed, abstainance from all grains, beans, cereals and certain vegetables and spices.

Ekadashi also coincides with the times when the moon is the closes to Earth ( Perigee) and the time when moon is farthest from the Earth ( Apogee ) . These are also the times of high tide and low tide respectively. During Ekadashis in the Krishna paksha, the moon is the closest to the earth and during Ekadashis in the Shukla paksha the moon is farthest from the earth.

The following are the auspicious ekadasis in this year. click the links to order pooja in the respective ekadasi pages.
Sno Pooja date Ekadasi Name  
1 09-Feb-2010 Putrada Ekadasi order pooja
2 24-Feb-2010 Shatthila Ekadasi Order Pooja
3 11-Mar-2010 Jaya Ekadasi Order Pooja
4 26-Mar-2010 Vijaya Ekadasi Order Pooja
5 10-Apr-2010 Amalathii Ekadasi Order Pooja
6 24-Apr-2010 Paapavimochana Ekadasi Order Pooja
7 09-May-2010 Kamaada Ekadasi Order Pooja
8 24-May-2010 Varuthini Ekadasi Order Pooja
9 08-Jun-2010 Mohini Ekadasi Order Pooja
10 22-Jun-2010 Aparaa Ekadasi Order Pooja
11 08-Jul-2010 Nirjala Ekadasi Order Pooja
11 21-Jul-2010 Yogini Ekadasi Order Pooja
12 06-Aug-2010 Sayani Ekadasi Order Pooja
13 20-Aug-2010 Kaamika Ekadasi Order Pooja
14 04-Sep-2010 Putraja Ekadasi Order Pooja
15 19-Sep-2010 Ajaa Ekadasi Order Pooja
16 04-Oct-2010 Padmanabha Ekadasi Order Pooja
17 18-Oct-2010 Indira Ekadasi Order Pooja
18 02-Nov-2010 Papankusha Ekadasi Order Pooja
19 17-Nov-2010 Ramaa Ekadasi Order Pooja
20 02-Dec-2010 Prabodhini Ekadasi Order Pooja
21 17-Dec-2010 Moksha Ekadasi Order Pooja
22 31-Dec-2010 Urpatati Ekadasi Order Pooja

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