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Pooja For Relief from Loans and Debts

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1. Natrajar Temple
There is a separate sannidhi for Swarna Akarshana Bairavar in chidambaram Natrajar Temple.Ashtami and Pournami Thithis are considered very auspicious for Lord Bairavar. It is believed that one who worships this Bairavar on Ashtami Thithi will be freed from all debts and loans. US$  9.00 * 
Location : Chidambaram

2. Udaiyaar Temple

This Temple is located at Tirucherai near Kumbakonam and the deity worshipped here is Vishnu. The Moolavar here is Saranathan or Vishnu, standing facing the east.

US$  9.00 * 

One who worships here, will be freed from all debts and loans.

Legends: Vishnu worshipped by Markandeya and Kaveriamman. At Tirucherai Shivastalam Shiva was worshipped by Kaveri and Markandeya. Kaveri in the form of Kaveri Amman meditated upon Vishnu with the desire to obtain the stature of the river Ganga. Vishnu appeared with his consorts Sreedevi, Bhudevi, Neeladevi, Saara naayaki and Mahalakshmi and granted her request. During the great deluge, a pot made of clay, was used to rescue and preserve the Vedas. It is believed that none of the pots made by Bhrama would last, and he was directed by Vishnu to proceed to Tirucherai (Saara Kshetram) and make a pot out of the clay on the banks of the Kaveri.

Temple: It has two prakarams and a 90 feet high Rajagopuram. There is a shrine to Yoga Narasimhar here. Shrines to Lakshmi is in the Mahamandapam. There are shrines to Rajagopala with his consorts Rukmini and Styabhama, and to Tiruvenkatamudaiyaan and the Alwars.

Location : Tirucherai near Kumbakonam
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