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Select the check box next to the festivals for which you need reminders sent to you. Reminders by default will be sent 2 days before the festival.
Date   Festival Reminder 
01-Jan-2014 Hanuman Jayanthi X
11-Jan-2014 Vaikunda Ekadesi X
13-Jan-2014 Boghi X
14-Jan-2014 Pongal Festival X
17-Jan-2014 Thai Poosam X
30-Jan-2014 Thai Amavasai X
04-Feb-2014 Vasant Panchami X
06-Feb-2014 Ratha Sapthami X
07-Feb-2014 Thai Krithigai X
15-Feb-2014 Masi Maham X
18-Feb-2014 Angarak Sankatahara Chadurthi X
27-Feb-2014 Maha Shivaratri X
01-Mar-2014 Sani Amavasai X
16-Mar-2014 Holi X
31-Mar-2014 Ugaadi (Telugu New Year) X
08-Apr-2014 Sri Ramanavami X
12-Apr-2014 Sani Pradosham X
13-Apr-2014 Panguni Uttaram X
13-Apr-2014 Mahavir Jayanti X
14-Apr-2014 Tamil New Year - Jaya X
14-Apr-2014 Vishu X
19-Apr-2014 Varaha Jayanthi X
26-Apr-2014 Sani Pradosham X
26-Apr-2014 Matsya Jayanthi X
01-May-2014 Balarama Jayanthi X
02-May-2014 Akshaya Tritiya X
04-May-2014 Ramanujar Jayanthi X
04-May-2014 Sri Sankara Jayanthi X
09-May-2014 Vasavi Jayanthi X
10-May-2014 Madurai Meenakshi Thiru Kalyanam X
13-May-2014 Narasimha Jayanti X
14-May-2014 Chitra Pournami X
14-May-2014 Kallalagar crossing Vaigai river function X
09-Jun-2014 Nirjala Ekadesi X
11-Jun-2014 Vaikasi Visakam X
13-Jun-2014 Guru Peyarchi X
21-Jun-2014 Raaghu Kethu Peyarchi X
23-Jun-2014 Koorma Jayanti X
04-Jul-2014 Aani Thirumanjanam X
15-Jul-2014 Angarak Sankatahara Chadurthi X
18-Jul-2014 Aadi Velli X
21-Jul-2014 Aadi Krithigai X
26-Jul-2014 Aadi Amavasai X
26-Jul-2014 Sani Amavasai X
30-Jul-2014 Aadi Pooram X
31-Jul-2014 Naga Chadurthi X
01-Aug-2014 Naga Panchami X
01-Aug-2014 Garuda Panchami X
03-Aug-2014 Aadi Peruku X
08-Aug-2014 Varalakshmi Vratham X
10-Aug-2014 Raksha Bandhan X
10-Aug-2014 Aavani Avitam X
11-Aug-2014 Gayatri Japam X
13-Aug-2014 Maha Sankadahara chaturthi X
17-Aug-2014 Krishna Jayanthi X
27-Aug-2014 Kalki Jayanthi X
29-Aug-2014 Vinayaga Chaturthi X
30-Aug-2014 Rishi Panchami X
30-Aug-2014 Mahalakshmi Vratham X
04-Sep-2014 Avani Moolam X
06-Sep-2014 Onam Festival X
06-Sep-2014 Vamana Jayanthi X
06-Sep-2014 Sani Pradosham X
20-Sep-2014 Purataasi Saturday X
23-Sep-2014 Mahalaya Amavasai X
25-Sep-2014 Navaratri Begins X
02-Oct-2014 Saraswati Pooja / Ayudha Pooja X
03-Oct-2014 Vijayadasami X
22-Oct-2014 Lakshmi Kubera Pooja X
22-Oct-2014 Deepavali / Diwali X
29-Oct-2014 Skanda Shashti X
15-Nov-2014 Kala Bhairavashtami X
22-Nov-2014 Sani Amavasai X
05-Dec-2014 Thiruvannamalai Deepam X
06-Dec-2014 Dattatreya Jayanthi X
08-Dec-2014 Parasurama Jayanthi X
16-Dec-2014 Sani peyarchi X
21-Dec-2014 Hanuman Jayanthi X
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Note :
Reminders once created cannot be deleted at a later stage. All reminders will be sent using an automated process on our server. However we are not responsible for accuracy of delivery times.

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