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 Kala Bhairavashtami Pooja 
Kala Bhairavashtami Pooja   19-Nov-2019
All the Kala Bhairava Ashtami Pooja Orders received after 5:00 PM (IST) 18-Nov, 2019 cannot be executed on Kala Bhairava Ashtami Pooja Day (19-Nov-2019). Instead Pooja will be performed on the date selected by you and Prasadam will be sent to you

Kalashtami, or Maha kalaBhairavashtami, is the most auspicious day dedicated to Lord Kala Bhairava. Lord kala Bhairava is a manifestation of Lord Shiva. Kala Bhairava is the God of Time – Kal means 'time' and 'Bhairava' the manifestation of Shiva. Ashtami after Poornima, the eighth day after full moon, is considered the ideal day to propitiate Kala Bhairava. In 2016, Kala Bhairavashtami is on Nov 22.

Lord Kala Bhairava is also known as Kshetrapalaka, the guardian of the temple. In honor of this, keys to the temple are ceremonially submitted to Lord Kaala Bhairava at temple closing time and are received from him at opening time.

The vahana (vehicle) of Lord Kaala Bhairava is the dog. Feeding and taking care of dogs is another way of showing our devotion to Lord Kaala Bhairava.

There are eight types of Bhairavas and they are called ashta Bhairavas. They are Asithanga Bhairavar, Ruru Bhairavar, Chanda Bhairavar, Krodha Bhairavar, Unmatta Bhairavar, Kapala Bhairavar, Bhishana Bhairavar and Samhara Bhairavar. Apart from these eight forms there is yet another form called Swarna akarshana Bahiravar. Maha Bhairavar is said to be Shiva himself.

The Swarna akarshana Bhairavar has red complexion and clothed in golden dress. He has moon in his head. He has four hands. In one of the hands he carries a golden vessel. He gives wealth and prosperity.

Kala Bhairava Gayatri Mantra
"Om Kaalakaalaaya vidhmahey Kaalaatheethaaya dheemahi Thanno Kaala Bhairava Prachodhayaath."
 Bhairavar Pooja Package Pooja / Archana Cost : US$ 27.00 #  
Thiru Yoganandeswarar Temple - Thiruvisanallur

Patteeswarar Temple - Kumbakonam

Kala Bhairavar Temple - Kshetrabalapuram

US$ 27.00 #

Individual Pooja
 Thiru Yoganandeswarar Temple-Thiruvisanallur
Sadhurkala Bhairavar is famous here. The four Bhairavars with Saneeswara Bhagawan and Sivalingam on their sides denote different periods of life and praying here will solve our problems for our entire lifespan.
Pooja Cost :US 9$
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 Patteeswarar Temple - Kumbakonam
Lord Kala Bhairava is also known as Kshetrapalaka, the guardian of the temple.

Pooja Cost :US 9$
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 Vaimurnathar Temple - Thiruvaimur, Thiruvarur
There are seven forms of Bhairavar here; it is believed that ashta Bairavars were in existence in this temple

Pooja Cost :US 9$
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 Kala Bhairavar Temple - Kshetrabalapuram
Kshetrabalapuram is situated near kumbakonam and this Kala Bhairavar’s temple is very famous. Here Kala Bhairavar is standing without His usual Dog Vahana and is very handsome like Lord Muruga. There is only Kala Bhairavar in this temple and lot of people visit this temple from far off since this Bhairavar blesses those who pray for Kalyana Bhagyam and to beget Children.
Pooja Cost :US 9$
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